We are a small home based cattery, that specializes in breeding Sphynx, Elf , Dwelf & Bambino Cats/Kittens .  
We are a FIV/FeLV & PKD negative cattery, & we do extensive testing & screenings to have the healthiest happy cats.  We  scan our adult cats for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) & encourage other breeders to do the same. Our cats come from beautiful lines mostly imported

We focus on exceptional health and happiness, timeless beauty ,wonderful temperaments and  sweet expressions! We specialize in “High-End for those who crave ultimate luxury knowledgeable expertise and appreciate the finer aspects of excellent breeding  and are willing to pay a premium for that assurance of quality and health. We have placed our kittens in loving and caring homes in Canada, USA and some Europe and Middle East Countries.. Our cats and kittens are raised as part of our family, & are loved as our pets.  We keep 4 or fewer breeding females, & therefore are in compliance with the new USDA/APHIS regulations.     Our kittens are loved & squeezed on by myself & my kids from the time they are born.  Kittens are well socialized & make excellent companions.  
We are beginning to work with Odd-Eyed (OE) & Blue-Eyed (BE) kittens .  This is a dream come true!  I love the unique look of the OE/BE bicolors & the challenge of trying to line the genetics up in hopes of producing them.


Our mission

To be an ethical, genuine breeder in good standing while promoting this great breed by maintaining their health status, unique nature, temperament and characteristics. We strive to provide top quality cats, with a focus on excellent temperaments, to loving families and service homes throughout.